CONFRONTATION [exposition 2018 Antwerp]
The two series were presented in diptich format
text by Sven Molenaar

“…the photographs consist of two series that seem to relate quite abstractly to each other, even in confrontation with each other, or in other words: they are each other’s opponents. But they need each other to play, to fulfill their full potential, to let the process take place, to reveal the process. At the same time, each photo enters the playground of time and space …”

“… In the first series of photographs, aircraft are the starting point of the action.Light is in the second series. These are not more than starting points, after all, an action requires progress, and so light also plays an important role in the photo series with the aircraft …”

“…The action is latent in the photographs, concealed enough to provide a sense of security, but nonetheless present. The action is the photo itself, the spectator decides where he or she wants to go.

In the series of photos that emanate from light play, the action is completely out of the picture.They are an explosion of colors, a sparkling ode to the chaos, which is a metaphor for life.Unpredictable movements and aggressive lines leave no room for security, but confront the spectator with a total lack of structure in reality …”

“…The photos themselves offer the opportunity to view that reality optimistically …”

expo 2018