Reflections by Eric Vans: artist statement

A different way to look at the world.. Reflections by Eric Vans

“My work is mostly constructed, and emerges as life presents itself moment to moment.
It is an obsessive and meditative process, and the hardest part is to free my imagination from any boundaries.”

“I always work simultaneously on different projects , some of them are ephemeral installations, others with people.”

“My projects often addresses the broad theme of deconstruction versus reconstruction, influenced by philosophy…
they expresses my states of mind with conceptual compositions.”

Reflections by Eric Vans
Reflections by Eric Vans

“It is definitely a different way to look at the world, every good photographer knows this and applies it. You experience the light and the shadows also on a more intense way along that you are looking , consciously or not, for a good shot. Varying your points of interests and your points of view and focus.”

“It is by training that you access this kind of awareness. In my opinion a good school for this is studio work as you can totally focus on the different aspects of the shot in a very controlled environment. Subject, light, angle of view, camera and objectives even the shadows are under control. And that all with the objective that you pursue in mind.”

“Transpose that mindset to other photographic theatres and you make great shots. “

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