Art Projects [+2017…]

see all of my projects (since 2017) (distilled by a lot of thinking about an idea)
  • Peripeteia (end 2018-2022) – “All evolutions are bounded to their surroundings and we pollute the oceans day by day with our plastics”
  • the Wooden Ballet (2020) – “The Covid-19era is still ongoing but the beginning was very strange. I used my time at home playing around with my camera and stuff i found around. This is one of the results”
  • Confrontation (2017-2018) – “the fascination of a personal sentimental confrontation”
  • We are all one (2019) – “we are all different and so similar…”
  • Project Light (2017-2018) – “It started as a standalone project, but i combined some of the photos later on in my ‘CONFRONTATION’ project. It is a subtle mixture of photographic skills and music”
  • stand alone projects – “ONGOING MOMENTS ”

A project always start with a lot of thinking about an idea. What i want to show and how i want to express myself, reading a lot. It is a labourous and complex process. But sometimes it just pop-up and all the pieces fall together. My projects reflects this state of mind.

Enjoy !

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