Confrontation: a game between time and space

The two series were presented in diptich format, text by "Sven Molenaar"

"Process has in itself the essence of technique and development, elements that directly relate to photographic art itself. But process is also related to acceptance, something that you as a spectator are directly involved in, and especially action. For action, time and space are necessary conditions to be able to play. Exactly that is a key word in the setting of this exhibition: play; game. After all, the photographs consist of two series that seem to relate quite abstractly to each other, even in confrontation with each other, or in other words: they are each other's opponents. But they need each other to play, to fulfill their full potential, to let the process take place, to reveal the process. At the same time, each photo enters the playground of time and space. You have been given the opportunity to play that game."
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