+ Eric Vans, an advertising photographer by training, explores the relationship between beauty and a very personal truth.

The often dark and melancholic themes of Eric Vans’ work share the fascination of a personal sentimental confrontation. In order to purify these confrontational attitudes, the subtle pass between the two, between light and material representation, is made clear and even embellished. It is a photographic approach with clean lines, which he derives from his past as an advertising photographer. Photographic action can create structures where they are not really present, but it can also deconstruct reality. Action and process are hypotheses, which he concretizes in his photographs.

+ Quotes and personal views

When you are wandering around the world, your vision and feelings about everything tends to shift . You grow a paradoxal feeling to feel at home everywhere and at the same time you feel in exile everywhere. That feeling is one of the cornerstones of my photography.

Fine Art Photography by Eric Vans
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